After an inspiring journey through various studios, Full Lemon proudly presents a brand new four title EP. The band significantly alters its sound and explores essential-to-life themes. Full Lemon sets sail towards new sounds and „Home“ is revealed as a place on the road.


Full Lemon has constantly sought to evolve its music over the course of the last fifteen years. Its sound has become more rock-oriented and daring, accompanied by increasingly sharp-edged, tell-all lyrics. Listen for yourself and follow the band’s evolution – starting with the latest EP „Home“, released in 2020.


FULL LEMON – melodic rock with roots in Bern and beyond. Intelligent songs in English that are candid yet powerful. Music with modulations, three voices, and sometimes a twist.

Alexandra Brügger (vox, guitar)
Roman Strub (guitar, vox)
Claudia Asti (piano, vox)
Dimitri Vanhecke (bass)
Marco Steinacher (drums)

079 641 87 91